December 5, 2016

Longtime listener, first time caller Mandy S of Yinzerville, Pennsyltucky mentioned that one area of interest for her would be “how to behave effectively in resistance.” I asked what her measure of “effective” would be, and so we expand the A-mandate thus:

  • Being able to build effective coalitions
  • Helping people to resist from inside their lives
  • Helping people to protect themselves from surveillance
  • Hallmarks of successful resistance movements/ what we’ve learned from failure

I’ll be exploring those questions in the coming days. AS usual, I really have no idea what I’m talking about, so I’ll let you read what smart people have to say.

Totally Radical

Would Saul Alinsky break his own rules?

Those now seeking ways to combine structure- and momentum-based organizing models have much fertile terrain to explore. This will mean opening dialogue between the worlds of “resource mobilization” and “disruptive power”; and it will involve allowing those immersed in labor and community organizing cultures to compare their methods with the insights into mass mobilization that come out of traditions of strategic nonviolence and civil resistance.

In pursuing this work, they can take inspiration from a master of radical pragmatism. For while the split between organizations and movements is real, the true spirit of Alinsky is in breaking the rule that keeps them divided.

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