Mission Statement

Any links to books for sale will have my Amazon affiliate link added, which generates a small kickback that helps defray the costs of this. Also, portions of my Amazon purchases are directed through AmazonSmile to benefit Lifeworks Austin, a non-profit that provides counseling, shelter, educational services, and more.

As we’ve seen, the pundits and sages of major media really have about the same idea as any of us about what’s going on and (especially) what will happen. So I’m going to try to make this aggregator a pundit-free zone as much as possible, unless their observations happen to be exceptionally funny.

An upshot is that I’ll be able to spare you “outrage” of the day crap, unless I feel like something is being missed in the screaming. As much as possible, I’ll be highlighting straight journalism, insights from actual experts, and pages ripped from history’s headlines(!). That also means you’ll not be seeing many articles laced with loaded adjectives. We know how to think; we don’t need hints.

From time to time, there will be goofy shit.

If you want a conservative take on the news, I can’t provide it. I reject the basic principles of American conservatism, so I can’t link to an article that I think is fair since one won’t exist. If you want gussied-up language around the concept of “fuck you, I got mine” you can check out The Daily Caller, The Corner or Reason.

Other rules that will probably be broken at some point:

  • I won’t post anything that tries to find how all parties are equally at fault (so, no Ron Fournier, no Jonathan Chait)
  • I also won’t link to any political analysis that is really more about how the writer feels than it is about observable phenomena.
  • I won’t post horse race analysis, including takes on how a politician’s actions might feel to an imaginary voter.
  • I will not post anything that’s behind a pay wall
  • If I find something behind a pay wall that’s of interest I’ll excerpt at length
  • When/If that article is no longer pay wall protected, I’ll provide the full link
  • I will not adopt a knowing tone.
  • Cheap shots are for lazy minds
  • No Twitter listicles